What Part Does Racism Play In The Counterjihad Movement?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

In a very long article, Courage and the Long War Against Islamic Supremacism and Jihad, Part One, (and Part Two), Jeffrey Imm makes a lot of solid points. Including this one:

Groups with racist histories that otherwise claim to oppose "Islamization" are not allies. Those who truly reject Islamic supremacism also reject other groups with a history of supporting other identity-based supremacism, because supremacism is inimical to all human rights. As human rights activists for equality and liberty, those against Islamic supremacism should carefully watch for those groups infiltrating our cause who would espouse supremacism of their own. Those who support white supremacism or other identity-based supremacism are no allies of human rights groups fighting for equality and liberty.

As fighters for human rights, we categorically and completely denounce those fringe white supremacists who will surely attempt to try to infiltrate and possibly even hijack our message in some areas. The fringe white supremacists stand on the same side of inequality and anti-liberty values as the Islamic supremacists. That is why we have also seen white and Aryan supremacists in the past actually support Islamic supremacists groups and terrorists. Do not be fooled. They share the objectives of hatred, violence, and inequality with the Islamic supremacists.

The message of those who support the inalienable human rights of equality and liberty is a message of love, equality, and respect for humanity. We fight not out of enmity or for the purpose to repress and control others, but we fight due to our undying devotion to the principle that "all men are created equal," and for the dignity of humankind.

There is no "grey" area here. It is an uncompromising position. The fact remains that our uncompromising position must compare Islamic supremacists to other supremacists as part of our campaign to undermine that ideology. We implore any who seek to fight Islamic supremacism to first and foremost look into their own hearts and minds first, and renounce any supremacist beliefs that they may have once held. There is no room in an anti-supremacist movement for those who embrace supremacist ideologies.
Supremacism of any kind is wrong. That's one of the biggest counts against the Islamic doctrine — it directly opposes freedom and equality.

We need to remember that and respect it so we don't make the mistake of allying with racist supremacists in our cause. We're not just fighting AGAINST Islamic supremacism. We're also fighting FOR liberty and equality. Racism has no place in our fight.


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