Battle Plan to Crush the Third Jihad

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The more I look at the counterjihad movement, the more I realize whoever is the most organized will win. The only reason such small percentages of the population have so much influence in Western countries is that they are organized and the forces against them are not.

But this is, of course, changing. With the Anti-Jihad Caucus and ACT! For America, the counterjihad movement is beginning to organize. Another important contributor is Jeffery Imm. In his long article, (part one and part two), he has proposes an organized battle plan for this long war. I think it's pretty good. What do you think?

I. A Single Focused Message for the Campaign Ahead

II. Why We Will Win the War against Islamic Supremacism

III. A Daring Agenda for Equality and Liberty

III.A. Focusing the Debate on Islamic Supremacism versus Equality and Liberty

III.B. National Human Rights Campaign Network to Challenge Islamic Supremacism

III.C. Political Action to Fight against Islamic Supremacism

III.D. Expanded and Coordinated Resources

III.E. Coalitions for Equality, Liberty, Freedom, and Independence

III.F. Mobilizing America - One Town Hall at a Time

IV. A Shared Understanding on Why All Americans Must Oppose Islamic Supremacism

V. We Reject All Supremacism Because We Are Americans

VI. The Courage of Understanding and Compassion

VII. A Campaign of Hope, Not Hate


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