Racist Confusion

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In an article on the Infidel Bloggers Alliance, The Cultural Invasion Project, which was about a document found in a raid that showed a long-term plan by the Muslim Brotherhood to eventually replace our culture with Shari'a law and Islamic culture, the article received the following comments:

muslim from brooklyn

You people are really paranoid. Not to mention stupid and bigoted. I'm a proud Muslim and a proud American. Being from Brooklyn, I also don't put up with dumbass cracker bullshit like this. Get with the program people — this is America in the 21st century — all of your white power, this is exclusively a "Judeo-Christian" nation crap is outdated.

I responded...

Muslim from Brooklyn: It seems strange that you would come here and make a racist comment.

I'm glad you're a proud American. But I'm sorry to hear you're racist. We don't need any more racism in America.

Please read more about what seems "paranoid" to you:

The Muslim Brotherhood's US Network

You must not know what the Muslim Brotherhood is doing or you wouldn't think our legitimate concern is paranoid. You are not alone. Most of America doesn't know yet.

Then another commenter, white=stupid said...

Dear hate-filled Jews and Christians: give it up!

Judge Rules That Suspects Cannot Be Detained Because of Ethnicity

A federal judge in Brooklyn ruled on Monday that the United States government could not use ethnicity as justification for detaining two Egyptian-born men who were questioned for four hours after a cross-country flight in 2004.


I replied...

White=Stupid, I am neither a Jew or Christian, and I completely agree that someone should not be detained because of ethnicity.

However, as it says in the article you gave us, they were detained for questioning because they had "had acted strangely during their flight." The "two counterterrorism agents had observed them switching seats, checking their watches often and speaking in Arabic."

This sounds very much like a setup similar to the case of the six imams who were denied access to a U.S. Airways flight in 2006. CAIR, which represented these imams, claimed this was a clear case of discrimination against Muslims. Yet the imams were prevented from flying not because they were Muslim or held a prayer session directly outside the gate (and again on the plane, which is peculiar since even devout Muslims do not pray this frequently), but because they were behaving like hijackers. The imams demanded to board at the same time even though only two had first-class tickets and then attempted to reseat themselves on the plane in a suspicious formation (two in the tail, two in the mid-section, and two in first class). They muttered loudly in Arabic about jihad and cursed the United States for its involvement in Iraq. They requested seat belt extensions (which can be used as makeshift weapons) even though none was large enough to need it. Other Muslim passengers on the flight were not harassed. Given their blatantly suspicious behavior it has been suggested by many that the imams were deliberately trying to provoke their removal from the airplane. (source: here)

This is a classic use of the principle of pretext in provoking a hostile response so Muslims can "defend Islam." (read more about that)

I don't really know what their real intentions were, of course, and neither do you. I can say something about you, however. You seem to be prejudiced against Jews, Christians, and people with fair skin. In other words, you appear to be hate-filled and that hate is directed toward ethnicity. What seems equally strange is that we here at the IBA have taken a stand against exactly that sort of thing. (read more)

My guess is that the two commenters either really don't know anything about the cultural invasion now underway, or they are actually members of the Muslim Brotherhood using a little taqiyya. Or they could have been simply Muslims trying to "defend Islam."
Either way, it was a surprisingly hostile and bigoted response to an article that had nothing to do with race.


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