Islam Leads To Tyranny

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Serge Trifkovic said most of the conflicts in the world involve Muslims, and if you ended all conflicts that involved Muslims right now, the world would be a pretty peaceful place.

Muslims, both moderates and extremists, are always quick to point out that Islam is a religion of peace. But Trifkovic's statement made me curious, so I've been searching on Google for a map of world conflicts (and which ones involve Muslims). I haven't found what I was looking for yet, but I found two maps (on two different web sites that have nothing to do with each other) that are interesting when you see them together.

The first map is by Freedom House, an organization that tracks democracies around the world. It shows their map of world freedom. The purple countries are the least free:

A few clicks later, I found this map of populations of Muslims. It shows by color where the densest population of Muslims live in the world (the highest population of Muslims is darkest blue):

Pretty interesting, huh? One of the things I've advocated repeatedly is that we can reduce Islamic terrorism by pushing for women's rights.

In order for women to have rights, the Muslims cannot have Shari'a law. Or it would have to be so modified as to be unrecognizable. To weaken the hold of Shari'a would probably weaken the population's belief that the Qur'an is the perfect word of Allah, which would include the instructions to take over the world.
This would make it more difficult for jihadis to recruit new soldiers. And hopefully those young men would find more productive things to do with their time than blowing themselves up.

And all this could be brought about by focusing solely on promoting women's rights.

Do you think every woman should have human rights? Yes? So does almost everybody else in the world. This is a place we can join together in a mutual and important purpose.

In the war against the Islamization of the world, this is the place where the strength of the free world can overcome the weak spot of Shari'a.


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