Jihad Denial Syndrome

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Guy Rodgers, executive director of ACT! for America, wrote a blog post on The Hill's Congress Blog. He wrote:

See no jihad. Hear no jihad. Speak no jihad.

This sums up the Obama administration’s national security assessment regarding our ongoing conflict with global Islamic jihad. Unfortunately for us, it seems they have come down with a severe case of Jihad Denial Syndrome (JDS).

Americans were tipped off to this when the Pentagon released its report on the Fort Hood jihadist attack. The mountains of evidence, including Nidal Hasan screaming “Allahu Akbar” as he fired away, indisputably revealed that Hasan was motivated by the ideology of jihad.

Yet the body of the Pentagon report achieves the remarkable feat of avoiding a single mention of “radical Islam,” “jihad” or any similar reference.

The recent National Security Strategy document affirmed that what happened in the Ft. Hood report was no accident or oversight. Stripped from the document were all references to radical Islam as a factor in the increasing number of terrorist attacks attempted against the United States.

Then came Attorney General Eric Holder’s tongue-tied response to U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith’s simple question about the recent spate of terrorist incidents asking if Holder “believe[d] these individuals might have been incited to take the actions they did because of radical Islam?”

As if affirming the obvious might instantly turn him into a leper, Holder couldn’t bring himself to acknowledge that radical Islam might have ever been a part of the motivation behind these attacks.

When pressed, he referred to Anwar al-Awlaki’s views as a “version of Islam that is not consistent with it…”

On June 4, Todd Rosenblum, deputy undersecretary for the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis, made a similar argument at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

According to a report in Congressional Quarterly, he “…defended the Obama administration’s decision to avoid using terms such as `jihadist’ or `Islamist’ to describe the enemy in the war on terrorism, saying such descriptions legitimize the rhetoric of criminals and extremists while denigrating true Islam.”

This echoed what Obama counterterrorism adviser John O. Brennan said in a recent speech: “Nor do we describe our enemy as jihadists or Islamists.”

There can be no doubt: The Obama administration has made it official policy to silence any reference to “jihad,” “radical Islam” or any related term by officials in its justice, defense, intelligence and counterterrorism branches.

This goes beyond political correctness. This is Jihad Denial Syndrome, an obsessive denial of reality that will encourage more terrorism and put America at greater risk.

Read the whole article: Jihad Denial Syndrome.


How to Achieve an Islam-Savvy Population

Monday, June 28, 2010

TO AVOID the backlash that can occur from violence against non-Muslims, Islamic supremacist organizations in America and Europe have embarked on a less visible form of jihad, working to alter non-Muslim beliefs, to disarm and silence their detractors, and to gain one small concession for Islam after another.

There is only one thing that can stop this relentless, propagandizing, stealthy infiltration from succeeding: An informed, Islam-savvy population. And that is up to us. We can't rely on someone else to do this for us. How can you help educate our population? Start here:

Share DVDs with your friends.

2. Read the Qur'an.

3. Help and support Watch Obsession, the organization.

4. Talk to your friends about jihad. (It will help to study the art of influence.)

5. Share online articles, but skillfully.

6. "Advertise" the URL, haltterrorism.com.

7. If there are people you would hesitate to talk about Islam with, encourage them to go see the mainstream movies, An American Carol, or Religulous. Send your liberal and non-religious friends to Religulous, and send your patriotic, Christian, or Jewish friends to An American Carol. Both movies broach the subject of jihad. Afterwards, the topic will be easier to discuss.

Tell others about this list. Share with others the domain name, WhatYouCanDoAboutIslam.com.

9. Share online videos. This page has an updated list of recommended videos. If you know of one not on the list, please add it.

10. Try some glamourbombing.

11. Submit story ideas to reporters and news outlets.

12. Educate and motivate the public using FaceBook.

13. Set your watch alarm for 10:03 AM.

14. Join ACT! for America and participate.

15. Participate in the Girl Effect.

Don't try to do all of these. You've got to be smart about this, and that includes keeping your motivation level high, getting enough sleep, and having a life. Feeling overwhelmed by things that must be done is not good for your motivation and it can impair your ability to persist.

So choose one or two of these things that most interest you, and get to work on it. You can always come back to this list later if you want to do more.

Also, I urge you to share this list with people you know who want to do something about "terrorism" but don't know what. Let's defeat the Jihadis and Islam's relentless encroachment with our effective actions.

When you find new way to educate the public that's not on this list, would you please take a moment and share it with us in the comments?


How to Alter Non-Muslim Beliefs

IN THE BOOK, The Two Faces of Islam, the author, Stephen Schwartz, goes into considerable detail about how Islamic supremacists influence politics and the media in the United States. The Wahhabis (a sect of Islam that takes the Koran's teachings literally) are a rich and powerful group in Saudi Arabia, and they have opened hundreds of mosques in the United States.

They've formed The Council On American-Islamic Relations, the American Muslim Council, The American Muslim Alliance, the Islamic Society of North America, and have infiltrated and are exerting control over the Islamic Circle of North America, The Islamic Association for Palestine, and the Muslim Students Association. These are powerful lobbying and public relations organizations, providing speakers at rallies, providing "expert commentary" for the media, distributing literature, holding rallies, and influencing American politics.

Through these organizations, the Wahhabis have had a powerful influence on the information that makes it to the airwaves in the United States because they have established themselves to the media as "the voice of Islam in America." They are extremely well-funded by an opulently rich group in Saudi Arabia. And they are well-organized, fully maximizing the freedom of speech and religion enjoyed in the United States.

They are infiltrating and influencing everywhere they can. They have the money and manpower and they are effective
as long as we don't know what's going on.

Learn more: The Wahhabi Invasion of America.


The Mind Abhors a Vacuum

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

THE HUMAN mind will not allow a condition of "no explanation" — especially of significant events. When something happens, you explain it to yourself. Everybody does. You can't help it. Events cannot remain unexplained in your mind.

The explanation is about what caused the events. Here are three experiments that illustrate this principle in action:

The first example has to do with split-brain patients — people who have had their corpus callosum severed (the bundle of nerve fibers that connect the right and left hemispheres of their brains). The corpus callosum allows the two halves of the brain to communicate with each other.

A particular kind of severe epilepsy is stopped by this extreme surgery. For the most part, the split-brain patients don't notice anything different. But once in awhile it becomes apparent. For example, the left hand will reach for something and the right hand will try to stop it from reaching. The right hand is controlled by the left hemisphere and the left hand is controlled by the right hemisphere. So the two hemispheres sometimes conflict with each other.

The right hemisphere does not speak. The language center is the in left hemisphere.

Okay, now that you have that background information, I can tell you about the experiment. The split-brain patients were shown two different photographs, one to each eye (there was a divider between the eyes so the two sides of the brain saw different pictures). Then they were shown a table covered with of photographs of different things. Their task was to point to a picture that went with the photograph they just saw.

The left eye was shown a picture of a snow scene. The right eye saw a picture of a chicken. When they saw the table of photos, a strange thing happened: The right hand pointed to a chicken claw, and at the same time, the left hand pointed to a snow shovel. The hands pointed to correctly associated objects, but the two sides of the brain saw different pictures.

Now here's the interesting part: When the researcher asked the split-brain patients why they pointed at those objects, here is a typical answer: "The chicken claw goes with the chicken, and the shovel is for cleaning out the chicken shed."

In numerous similar experiments, it was shown again and again that the verbal left hemisphere of the brain is really good at explaining events given whatever information it has (even when it is missing some information), and it does so without hesitation.

Here's another, entirely different kind of experiment that shows the same thing. In this setting, a hypnotist sits with a student and hypnotizes him. While hypnotized, the student is given the suggestion that whenever the researcher touches his tie, the student will get up and close the door. Then the hypnotist says to the student, "you will not remember that I gave you this suggestion."

The student is awakened from the trance, and the two sit there and talk casually. At some point, the hypntoist touches his tie, and the student gets up and closes the door. When the hypnotist asks the student, "Why did you close the door?" the student always had a plausible answer. "I heard people talking down the hall," or "I was getting a little cold."

The experiment was repeated with many students, and always got the same results. The mind will fill in a vacuum of information, using what it knows, and it does this automatically.

One more experiment. This one took place in a dentist's office. Male pheromones were sprayed on one of the seats in the waiting room. As dental patients arrived, they sat down in one of the seats. More often than not, women sat on the sprayed seat, and men avoided the seat.

When asked why they sat where they sat, they all had an explanation, and none of the explanations had anything to do with smell (you can't actually smell pheromones anyway — they activate a nerve in your nose, but don't have an odor). People said things like, "I wanted to sit by the magazines," or "This seat is closer to the door," or whatever.

They explained what happened, given what they knew, even if some crucial information was not available to them.

What does all this have to do with defeating the third jihad? Check it out: What is the Root Cause of Islamic Terrorism?


Osho on Islam

Monday, June 21, 2010

My 27 year-old son was just visiting. He was here for a week. Of course, I talked about Islamic supremacism quite a bit, and being 27 (and from Southern California), my son was trying to find every way he could to not believe it. I could tell from his responses that he was thinking, "This can't be true; Dad must be exaggerating or reading only a small fringe source of information or something."

One night as we were talking, he got on my laptop and asked me, "How do you spell Mohammad?" And then, "How do you spell Qur'an?" I didn't know what he was doing, but then he said, "I'll be damned."

He was looking on Osho's web site. He is a big fan of Osho, a spiritual teacher from India who writes on every religion, revealing the shared, universal, spiritual nature at the core of every religion (or as we found out, almost every religion).

My son assumed that since Osho has written a book on every religion (and praised the core teachings of every one of them), Osho must have written one on Islam, and my son was going to read it and get "the other side of the story." But what he found was that Osho has not written about Islam, and not only that, he explained why he hasn't. Here is what Osho said:

Mohammed was an absolutely illiterate man, and the Koran, in which his sayings are collected, is ninety-nine percent rubbish. You can just open the book anywhere and read it, and you will be convinced of what I am saying. I am not saying on a certain page — anywhere. You just open the book accidentally, read the page and you will be convinced of what I am saying.

Whatsoever one percent truth there is here and there in the Koran is not Mohammed's. It is just ordinary, ancient wisdom that uneducated people collect easily — more easily than the educated people, because educated people have far better sources of information — books, libraries, universities, scholars. The uneducated, simply by hearing the old people, collect a few words of wisdom here and there. And those words are significant, because for thousands of years they have been tested and found somehow true. So it is the wisdom of the ages that is scattered here and there; otherwise, it is the most ordinary book possible in the world.

Muslims have been asking me, "Why don't you speak on the Koran? You have spoken on The Bible, on the Gita, this and that." I could not say to them that it is all rubbish; I simply went on postponing. Even just before I went into silence, a Muslim scholar sent the latest English version of the Koran, praying me to speak on it. But now I have to say that it is all rubbish, that is why I have not spoken on it — because why unnecessarily waste time?

- From Unconciousness to Consciousness
Chapter 5 by Osho

To those of us who study Islam, this is very mild criticism, but coming from Osho, it is severe and harsh, and made an impression on my son.


Goofball Jihadis

Saturday, June 19, 2010

In an article by Daniel Byman and Christine Fair entitled, The Case for Calling Them Nitwits, they write:

They blow each other up by mistake. They bungle even simple schemes. They get intimate with cows and donkeys. Our terrorist enemies trade on the perception that they’re well trained and religiously devout, but in fact, many are fools and perverts who are far less organized and sophisticated than we imagine. Can being more realistic about who our foes actually are help us stop the truly dangerous ones?

...Nowhere is the gap between sinister stereotype and ridiculous reality more apparent than in Afghanistan, where it’s fair to say that the Taliban employ the world’s worst suicide bombers: one in two manages to kill only himself. And this success rate hasn’t improved at all in the five years they’ve been using suicide bombers, despite the experience of hundreds of attacks—or attempted attacks. In Afghanistan, as in many cultures, a manly embrace is a time-honored tradition for warriors before they go off to face death. Thus, many suicide bombers never even make it out of their training camp or safe house, as the pressure from these group hugs triggers the explosives in suicide vests. According to several sources at the United Nations, as many as six would-be suicide bombers died last July after one such embrace in Paktika.

...Their leaders and recruiters can be lethally subtle and manipulative, but the quiet truth is that many of the deluded foot soldiers are foolish and untrained, perhaps even untrainable. Acknowledging this fact could help us tailor our counterterrorism priorities—and publicizing it could help us erode the powerful images of strength and piety that terrorists rely on for recruiting and funding.


If "Extremists" Are a Minority, Does That Make Them Irrelevant?

Robert Spencer, in an article entitled Trashing a Freedom Fighter, quotes Pankaj Mishra:

The anarchic vivacity of contemporary Muslim societies–featuring such figures as Ali Saleem, Pakistan’s cross-dressing television host, and Cairo’s hijab-wearing sex therapist Heba Kotb, whose talk show is beamed across the Arab world–does not quite match Hirsi Ali’s description of an incurably medieval people busy devising ever-harsher laws for themselves while plotting mayhem for the infidels.

And then Spencer responds to Mishra's quote:

This kind of shoddy analysis is sadly widespread. Mishra seems to assume that if one points out that there are jihadis and Islamic supremacists in Islamic countries, then there are only jihadis and Islamic supremacists in those countries. Obviously that is absurd, but the existence of cross-dressing TV hosts and hijab-wearing sex therapists is irrelevant, because it does nothing to militate against the activity of those jihadis. In Russia, the Bolsheviks were never a majority, but they were an organized, energetic, ideologically motivated vanguard. And that’s all they needed to be in order to gain control of the country


Do Jihadis Lack Popular Support?

Robert Spencer, in an article entitled Trashing a Freedom Fighter, wrote:

“Islamic fundamentalist groups,” Mishra continues, “have long terrorized many Muslim countries, especially those, such as Pakistan and Afghanistan, that were ravaged by blowback from the Cold War and the war on terror. These extremists, who now assault the West as well, have always lacked popular support within their own countries.”

I guess that’s why Hamas won the election in Gaza, and why Sharia was enshrined as the highest law of the land in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and why Pakistan has been playing a double game of aiding the Taliban on one hand while pretending to fight it on the other. It is why we see such a broad-based global Islamic movement dedicated to teaching against the jihad doctrine and Islamic supremacism, preventing Muslims from joining jihad groups, and inducing those who are in jihad groups to leave them.

Of course, there is no such global movement. The programs in Saudi Arabia, Yemen and elsewhere to “de-radicalize” jihadis have been shown to be useless and/or shams again and again, with high levels of recidivism. Mishra, you’ll note, offers no evidence to back up his assertion that jihadis “have always lacked popular support within their own countries,” and there is a reason for that: there is no such evidence.


It's Not Illegal for Parents to Kill Their Own Children

Robert Spencer, in an article entitled Trashing a Freedom Fighter, wrote:

A manual of Islamic law certified as a reliable guide to Sunni orthodoxy by Al-Azhar University, the most respected authority in Sunni Islam, says that “retaliation is obligatory against anyone who kills a human being purely intentionally and without right.” However, “not subject to retaliation” is “a father or mother (or their fathers or mothers) for killing their offspring, or offspring’s offspring.” (‘Umdat al-Salik o1.1-2).

In other words, someone who kills his child incurs no legal penalty under Islamic law.


Why Would Anyone Support Islamic Terrorism?

In an article entitled, Why Liberals Support Islamic Terrorism, and Oppose Self-Defense Against It, the Sultan Knish writes:

Liberals routinely reject both individual and national rights in favor of group and class rights. Liberals are also biased against acts of rational self-interest, in favor of emotional expressions of outrage.

Where self-defense is often defined by liberals as a form of entitlement and class privilege. "Grievance based violence" by contrast is treated as a response to intolerable oppression, and an expression of the underclass rising up. Since in the liberal worldview, violence is divided into oppressive and revolutionary violence. Oppressive violence is a function of class privilege, where revolutionary violence is a form of revolutionary justice. So that in the liberal calculus, the middle class homeowner protecting his house from a mob, is practicing "oppressive violence", while the mob is practicing "revolutionary justice".

Understanding this is the most vital part of understanding liberal morality, or lack thereof. Class or group status, defines whether violence is legitimate or not, in the eyes of the liberal.


The Anti-War Crowd Causes War

In an article entitled, The Morality of War and the Anti-War Movement, Sultan Knish writes:

"By denying that the means of preventing greater violence sometimes requires lesser violence...they bring about that greater violence.

"The Anti-War movements remain fundamentally complicit in causing many of the very wars they complain about. Their non-violence causes and creates violence by preventing the use of force that would nullify that violence at a much lesser cost. By failing to make those distinctions, their ignorance reaps a blood price from their host societies and from other vulnerable countries as well.

"Worse yet it cynically ties the hands of those who might stop the violence, while giving a green light to those who actually perpetuate the violence. The left puts forward arguments that delegitimize acts without context in simplistic slogans to avoid serious discussion of the necessity of those acts."


Taqiyya Alters Islam’s Rules of War

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Islamic law unambiguously splits the world into two perpetually warring halves—the Islamic world versus the non-Islamic—and holds it to be God’s will for the former to subsume the latter. Yet if war with the infidel is a perpetual affair, if war is deceit, and if deeds are justified by intentions—any number of Muslims will naturally conclude that they have a divinely sanctioned right to deceive, so long as they believe their deception serves to aid Islam “until all chaos ceases, and all religion belongs to God.”[49] Such deception will further be seen as a means to an altruistic end. Muslim overtures for peace, dialogue, or even temporary truces must be seen in this light, evoking the practical observations of philosopher James Lorimer, uttered over a century ago: “So long as Islam endures, the reconciliation of its adherents, even with Jews and Christians, and still more with the rest of mankind, must continue to be an insoluble problem.”

The above is a quote from an excellent article by Raymond Ibrahim on taqiyya. Read the whole article here: How Taqiyya Alters Islam’s Rules of War.


Responses to Flak

Monday, June 14, 2010

THE FOLLOWING is a response to the article, How Would You Respond? The answer was too long to fit in the comments, so I'm posting it here. There were five statements, and he answers each one:

  • 1. The Mosque is not planned to be built actually at ground zero, but several blocks away.
    • The site is two blocks, only 600 feet from Ground Zero. The building, formerly a Burlington Coat Factory outlet, was damaged when a landing gear penetrated the roof. Islam can not trump its victory on the exact center, but it is marking it as close to that center as it is able.
  • 2. A fifth of the world's population consider Islam their ethical tradition.
    • They are damned fools.
      • There is nothing ethical about Islam.
        • Islam divides the world into Dar ul-Islam & Dar ul-harb, the land of war, which is wherever Allah's writ does not run.
          • Dar ul-harb means land of war: Islam wages perpetgual war upon it until it is engulfed.
          • Islamic love, charity & respect are for fellow Muslims only, they do not extend to disbelievers.
          • our blood and property are not sacred to Muslims; it is open season on us until we become Muslims. Refer to Sahih Bukhari 1.8.387.
  • 3. About twenty-five Muslims were also killed in the Trade Center attacks.
    • 23; acceptable collateral damage, they immediately went to Paradise as Shahids to enjoy their 72 perpetual cherries & rivers of wine.
  • 4. Hating everything Muslim will not make the world a more peaceful place.
    • Only eliminating Islam from the face of the world will effect that desirable change.
    • Islam is permanent war. I direct your attention to Surah al-Anfal & Surah at-Taubah.
    • I further direct your attention to Sahih Bukhari's books of Jihad, Khumus & Expedition.
    • If I did not hate the doctrines which sanctify & mandate perpetual conquest, genocide & terrorism I would be morally defective.
  • 5. To vilify an entire group of people based on the actions of a minority of them does not serve any of us.
    • Minority actions inconsistent with foundational doctrines would be irrelevant.
    • Minority actions consistent with Allah's imperatives and Muhamad's excellent exemplar are entirely relevant, they condemn Islam and its votaries to contempt & detestation in this world and eternal damnationin the next.
    • Like vampires, Muslims are the first victims of Islam. They spread the contagion.
My blog post "What's Wrong With Islam/Muslims?" quotes the most relevant ayat, ahadith, fiqh & tafsir and, where possible, provides direct links to them for verification and contextual exploration. It includes refutations of several of the most popular objections.

The basic information needed is contained in the Expanded Library at http://www.crusadersarmory.co.cc/
  • EgregiousAyat.chm: 4 tables containing the most egregious Qur'anic verses [Hilali & Khan]; 1 table containing the most egregious sayings. 6.723MB Zipped.
    • Links to source & Ibn Kathir's Tafsir.
    • Approximately 2000 tafsir topics.
    • The Jihad Chapter from Reliance of the Traveler.
    • A new chapter tells how to extract URLs from external links so you can link to ayat & ahadith without using the URLGenerator.
  • Qur'an.chm: Noble Quran trans: Hilali & Khan; Surah # added to each Ayat for accurate quoteing. No commentary. 900KB Zipped.
  • Sahih Bukhari.chm Trans. Khan. Not absolutely complete. The web standard. Approx 7,000 sayings, 2500 discrete. 3.017MB Zipped.
  • Sahih Muslim.chm: 2.758MB Zipped.
  • Malik's Muwatta.chm: 805KB Zipped.
  • Sunan Abu-Dawud.chm: 908KB Zipped.
  • IbnKathir.chm: The most widely accepted exegeses of the Qur'an. Abridged, approximately 3000 topics. Content matches that of www.tafsir.com; information on linking to tafsir topics is included in EgregiousAyat.chm. 8.481MB Zipped.
  • Reliance Of The Traveller.chm 944K Zipped; 1.014MB expanded. Books A-F & O have internal contents links.Contents, Search & Favorites tabs, no Index. This is the handbook of Sharia. Rules of Jihad are in Book O. Not interactive with other volumes. Once you have a Book open, use the CTL F key combination to open the Windows Search tooll to zero in on your subject. New 09/22/08.
  • Islamic Terror.chm [30.4KB] A 6 part series from Freedom Ain't Free. New 10/07/08 *
  • Jihad.chm [45KB] A 6 part series from Freedom Ain't Free. New 10/07/08 *
    • *Placed in the public domain for non-commercial use; repost at will. These files contain the most essential evidence, linked to source documents for easy verification . You can copy from the text pane and paste into a wysiwyg editor; (Kompozer.exe) format & links will be preserved. This way you can share vital information through emails and blog or forum posts. Not interactive with other books.
  • What's Wrong With Islam/Muslims.chm [23KB]. New 10/11/08. A single blog post that informs Kuffar and sticks the facts in Islam's eye in the most effective manner. Placed in the public domain for non-commercial use; repost at will. *
  • Islamic Supremacism [49KB] A 3 part series from Freedom Ain't Free. New 01/02/09. Your only source for information about the origins of Islamic Supremacism. {Allah's damned book.}*
  • FOMIJihad.chm [163.4KB] The Offensive Jihad thread from the now defunct FOMI anti Islam forum. This thread contains several significant quotes from Fiqh, both ancient and modern. It also has some interesting links to follow. New 01/06/09.
  • Know Thine Enemy.chm (188KB) the series of blog posts compiled into an ebook for easy reference.
  • URLGenerator ver. 1.2 (1829KB)[Zipped] Updated to accomodate changes at USC. Maududi's Tafsir added to the list of sources. Bloggers best friend makes linking to Qur'an, Hadith & Tafsir easier. Requires Windows operating system. {Stored on, Box.net; download won't crash this site.}
  • ALinkMaker.exe (1.633MB Zipped) This Windows utility creates links for insertion into blog comments and forums. Enter the url and link text, click a button and copy the link for pasting. A links work in Blogger.com & Wordpress.com comments.
  • Shari'ah.chm (100K Zipped) Compiled from a series of articles about Shari'ah, how it can affect you and what you can do to stop it.
  • Ad Hoc Committee On Compelmentary standards (126.1K pdf) Compiled from a series of blog posts about a proposed protocol to ICERD which will criminalize all criticism of Islam. The cmte meets from Oct. 19-30 '09 to write the protocol.
  • Ad Hoc Cmte On Complementary Stds 125KB pdf compiled from several blog posts.
  • Ad Hoc Cmte Draft Document 120KB pdf containing Google's Translation of the French language draft plus links to references and blog posts.
For off line use in the real world, these fliers can be printed, folded and distributed. They can also be used as email attachments. In the latter form, their links will be active.

Is Islam Peaceful? is intended to be the first in a series of informative pamphlets which you can print, fold and hand out to anyone able to read and willing to learn. The pamphlet makes its case with relevant ayats & ahadith, and includes the URL to this site and to USC's resources.

Islam Mercenary and Martial quotes ayats and ahadith which prove, in a clear and undoubted manner, the true nature of Islam. [Replaced by HIJACKED.]

Hijacked Has Islam been hijacked??

Christ Co-opted: Islamic Blasphemy proves that Muhammad made false representations of Christ and his disciples.

Can Islam Be Reformed? proves, by reference to the Qur'an & Hadith, that Islamic doctrine is fixed and immutable!

Can Islam Be Valid? proves, by reference to the Qur'an, its own fallacy, which exposes Islam as a fraud.

Islamic Misogyny exposes Islam's dim view and mistreatment of women. This flyer should be presented to any western woman who is exposed to Muslim men as a warning against seduction & entrapment!

Embrace Islam And You Will Be Safe. Safe from what? An sample of Muhammads threats and follow through.

Situational Scripture delves into the Allah's special dispensation for Muhammad's lusts for women and plunder.

Terror reveals the ayats & ahadith which sanctify and exemplify terrorism.

Clinton Lied & Thousands died! Compares President Clinton's malicious malarkey to expressed Islamic doctrines.

Thousands Died & Bush Lied: Islam is the enemy; Terrorism is its tactic!!

Congress Debate Koran Petition :
a truncated version of the petition. The supporting sections are included. 6pgs. total.

Parliament: Investigate Koran: Petition to British Parliament; can be used for Canada & Australia too. Supporting sections incl.

Is This Muslim Dangerous ? Six questions you can ask a Muslim to find out if he or she supports terrorism.

Open Letter to President Bush Disrespectfully demanding designation of Mecca as default target. Includes more evidence than the

Open letter to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Calls for rejection of demands by O.I.C. & Arab League
for "hate speech" legislation by the U.N. Your First Amendment rights are in danger!!!

The Roots of Islamic Terrorism
Inquires into the true source of terrorism. Includes extensive quotations from Islamic sources.

Suggestions To The Crucified: Two articles by Zack Lieberberg, translated by Yashiko Sagamori : Less than Zero & Suggestions to the Crucified. Each article is divided into two parts because of length. This file will require four sheets of paper to print. Zack Lieberberg tears into several anti-Israel canards with full force. He does not spare idiotic U.S. policies either.

The flyers consist of PDF files. Folds should be made 93mm from each end of an 8.5" X 11" sheet of paper (landscape mode) Print pg1, turn the paper over (do not flip end wise!) and print pg2.


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