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Monday, June 14, 2010

THE FOLLOWING is a response to the article, How Would You Respond? The answer was too long to fit in the comments, so I'm posting it here. There were five statements, and he answers each one:

  • 1. The Mosque is not planned to be built actually at ground zero, but several blocks away.
    • The site is two blocks, only 600 feet from Ground Zero. The building, formerly a Burlington Coat Factory outlet, was damaged when a landing gear penetrated the roof. Islam can not trump its victory on the exact center, but it is marking it as close to that center as it is able.
  • 2. A fifth of the world's population consider Islam their ethical tradition.
    • They are damned fools.
      • There is nothing ethical about Islam.
        • Islam divides the world into Dar ul-Islam & Dar ul-harb, the land of war, which is wherever Allah's writ does not run.
          • Dar ul-harb means land of war: Islam wages perpetgual war upon it until it is engulfed.
          • Islamic love, charity & respect are for fellow Muslims only, they do not extend to disbelievers.
          • our blood and property are not sacred to Muslims; it is open season on us until we become Muslims. Refer to Sahih Bukhari 1.8.387.
  • 3. About twenty-five Muslims were also killed in the Trade Center attacks.
    • 23; acceptable collateral damage, they immediately went to Paradise as Shahids to enjoy their 72 perpetual cherries & rivers of wine.
  • 4. Hating everything Muslim will not make the world a more peaceful place.
    • Only eliminating Islam from the face of the world will effect that desirable change.
    • Islam is permanent war. I direct your attention to Surah al-Anfal & Surah at-Taubah.
    • I further direct your attention to Sahih Bukhari's books of Jihad, Khumus & Expedition.
    • If I did not hate the doctrines which sanctify & mandate perpetual conquest, genocide & terrorism I would be morally defective.
  • 5. To vilify an entire group of people based on the actions of a minority of them does not serve any of us.
    • Minority actions inconsistent with foundational doctrines would be irrelevant.
    • Minority actions consistent with Allah's imperatives and Muhamad's excellent exemplar are entirely relevant, they condemn Islam and its votaries to contempt & detestation in this world and eternal damnationin the next.
    • Like vampires, Muslims are the first victims of Islam. They spread the contagion.
My blog post "What's Wrong With Islam/Muslims?" quotes the most relevant ayat, ahadith, fiqh & tafsir and, where possible, provides direct links to them for verification and contextual exploration. It includes refutations of several of the most popular objections.

The basic information needed is contained in the Expanded Library at
  • EgregiousAyat.chm: 4 tables containing the most egregious Qur'anic verses [Hilali & Khan]; 1 table containing the most egregious sayings. 6.723MB Zipped.
    • Links to source & Ibn Kathir's Tafsir.
    • Approximately 2000 tafsir topics.
    • The Jihad Chapter from Reliance of the Traveler.
    • A new chapter tells how to extract URLs from external links so you can link to ayat & ahadith without using the URLGenerator.
  • Qur'an.chm: Noble Quran trans: Hilali & Khan; Surah # added to each Ayat for accurate quoteing. No commentary. 900KB Zipped.
  • Sahih Bukhari.chm Trans. Khan. Not absolutely complete. The web standard. Approx 7,000 sayings, 2500 discrete. 3.017MB Zipped.
  • Sahih Muslim.chm: 2.758MB Zipped.
  • Malik's Muwatta.chm: 805KB Zipped.
  • Sunan Abu-Dawud.chm: 908KB Zipped.
  • IbnKathir.chm: The most widely accepted exegeses of the Qur'an. Abridged, approximately 3000 topics. Content matches that of; information on linking to tafsir topics is included in EgregiousAyat.chm. 8.481MB Zipped.
  • Reliance Of The Traveller.chm 944K Zipped; 1.014MB expanded. Books A-F & O have internal contents links.Contents, Search & Favorites tabs, no Index. This is the handbook of Sharia. Rules of Jihad are in Book O. Not interactive with other volumes. Once you have a Book open, use the CTL F key combination to open the Windows Search tooll to zero in on your subject. New 09/22/08.
  • Islamic Terror.chm [30.4KB] A 6 part series from Freedom Ain't Free. New 10/07/08 *
  • Jihad.chm [45KB] A 6 part series from Freedom Ain't Free. New 10/07/08 *
    • *Placed in the public domain for non-commercial use; repost at will. These files contain the most essential evidence, linked to source documents for easy verification . You can copy from the text pane and paste into a wysiwyg editor; (Kompozer.exe) format & links will be preserved. This way you can share vital information through emails and blog or forum posts. Not interactive with other books.
  • What's Wrong With Islam/Muslims.chm [23KB]. New 10/11/08. A single blog post that informs Kuffar and sticks the facts in Islam's eye in the most effective manner. Placed in the public domain for non-commercial use; repost at will. *
  • Islamic Supremacism [49KB] A 3 part series from Freedom Ain't Free. New 01/02/09. Your only source for information about the origins of Islamic Supremacism. {Allah's damned book.}*
  • FOMIJihad.chm [163.4KB] The Offensive Jihad thread from the now defunct FOMI anti Islam forum. This thread contains several significant quotes from Fiqh, both ancient and modern. It also has some interesting links to follow. New 01/06/09.
  • Know Thine Enemy.chm (188KB) the series of blog posts compiled into an ebook for easy reference.
  • URLGenerator ver. 1.2 (1829KB)[Zipped] Updated to accomodate changes at USC. Maududi's Tafsir added to the list of sources. Bloggers best friend makes linking to Qur'an, Hadith & Tafsir easier. Requires Windows operating system. {Stored on,; download won't crash this site.}
  • ALinkMaker.exe (1.633MB Zipped) This Windows utility creates links for insertion into blog comments and forums. Enter the url and link text, click a button and copy the link for pasting. A links work in & comments.
  • Shari'ah.chm (100K Zipped) Compiled from a series of articles about Shari'ah, how it can affect you and what you can do to stop it.
  • Ad Hoc Committee On Compelmentary standards (126.1K pdf) Compiled from a series of blog posts about a proposed protocol to ICERD which will criminalize all criticism of Islam. The cmte meets from Oct. 19-30 '09 to write the protocol.
  • Ad Hoc Cmte On Complementary Stds 125KB pdf compiled from several blog posts.
  • Ad Hoc Cmte Draft Document 120KB pdf containing Google's Translation of the French language draft plus links to references and blog posts.
For off line use in the real world, these fliers can be printed, folded and distributed. They can also be used as email attachments. In the latter form, their links will be active.

Is Islam Peaceful? is intended to be the first in a series of informative pamphlets which you can print, fold and hand out to anyone able to read and willing to learn. The pamphlet makes its case with relevant ayats & ahadith, and includes the URL to this site and to USC's resources.

Islam Mercenary and Martial quotes ayats and ahadith which prove, in a clear and undoubted manner, the true nature of Islam. [Replaced by HIJACKED.]

Hijacked Has Islam been hijacked??

Christ Co-opted: Islamic Blasphemy proves that Muhammad made false representations of Christ and his disciples.

Can Islam Be Reformed? proves, by reference to the Qur'an & Hadith, that Islamic doctrine is fixed and immutable!

Can Islam Be Valid? proves, by reference to the Qur'an, its own fallacy, which exposes Islam as a fraud.

Islamic Misogyny exposes Islam's dim view and mistreatment of women. This flyer should be presented to any western woman who is exposed to Muslim men as a warning against seduction & entrapment!

Embrace Islam And You Will Be Safe. Safe from what? An sample of Muhammads threats and follow through.

Situational Scripture delves into the Allah's special dispensation for Muhammad's lusts for women and plunder.

Terror reveals the ayats & ahadith which sanctify and exemplify terrorism.

Clinton Lied & Thousands died! Compares President Clinton's malicious malarkey to expressed Islamic doctrines.

Thousands Died & Bush Lied: Islam is the enemy; Terrorism is its tactic!!

Congress Debate Koran Petition :
a truncated version of the petition. The supporting sections are included. 6pgs. total.

Parliament: Investigate Koran: Petition to British Parliament; can be used for Canada & Australia too. Supporting sections incl.

Is This Muslim Dangerous ? Six questions you can ask a Muslim to find out if he or she supports terrorism.

Open Letter to President Bush Disrespectfully demanding designation of Mecca as default target. Includes more evidence than the

Open letter to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Calls for rejection of demands by O.I.C. & Arab League
for "hate speech" legislation by the U.N. Your First Amendment rights are in danger!!!

The Roots of Islamic Terrorism
Inquires into the true source of terrorism. Includes extensive quotations from Islamic sources.

Suggestions To The Crucified: Two articles by Zack Lieberberg, translated by Yashiko Sagamori : Less than Zero & Suggestions to the Crucified. Each article is divided into two parts because of length. This file will require four sheets of paper to print. Zack Lieberberg tears into several anti-Israel canards with full force. He does not spare idiotic U.S. policies either.

The flyers consist of PDF files. Folds should be made 93mm from each end of an 8.5" X 11" sheet of paper (landscape mode) Print pg1, turn the paper over (do not flip end wise!) and print pg2.


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