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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ON THE ARTICLE, At War With Islam, I got the following comments from Rick of Italy, and I am publishing them as an article with his permission (and with some editing). The Islamization process is much further advanced in European countries than it is in the United States. Their Muslim citizens are a larger percentage of their populations. And here is what at least one man in Italy is experiencing:

The problem is not only American. I am based in Italy and our government and political parties keep stressing the "difference" between so called "moderate" Muslims and integralists.

Integralists are those who're more prone to be terrorists...those who behead people, while "moderate" are those whom, in the safe living room of their safe houses in their safe Western welcoming countries clap at the actions of the integralists. And when they go out they show disregard (rarely) against terrorism.

I can see the increased arrogance of black African Muslims in Italy miles away. Till they were only a bunch of people we all helped them thinking they were needy. Many of us swallowed the pill of multiculturality. Now that they increased in number, they are showing their real colors...for those who can see. Superiority complexes, subtle implies threats about their future dominations, etc. All this in the total blindness of our government, no matter which party.

Seven years in the UK and France showed me enough of Islam and how they treat women and how double-sided they are.

It is so obvious what they are doing that I am amazed at how people can keep thinking they are nice people. And they are the same slowtards whom, later on will say "Who could imagine they would do something like this! My neighbor was so nice and his kids used to play with mine."

They are exactly the same people! More than the media...it's people's blindness. If they only took a world map and saw what Muslims are doing around the world, bribing politicians in the EU to rectify history, bribing more politicians in single countries to get Shari'a enforced, etc. If they saw this they wouldn't be so happy and positive about it.

Mind blindness and lack of mental clarity is one of the worst things a human being can happen to have and at the moment. Most people are biased by the idyllic (and fake) theory that we're all alike (created from scratch after WW 2 just to avoid new Nazism cases in Europe and the world). We are not all alike and Muslims are the best proof of what I am saying. Background, upbringing, religions, family education and brainwashing all make people different from one another. Paradoxically, if we were really ALL ALIKE ALL EQUALS....WE WOULD ALSO BE ALL NAZIS and the ANTINAZIS WOULD BE NAZIS. It's a theory that crumbles down on its own pillars.

WE ARE NOT ALL ALIKE and ISLAM has declared (not so) silent war on the rest of the world.

A Muslim woman interviewed in Italy said, "You don't have to fear; we'll eventually outnumber you and then we'll turn Italy into an Islamic country. It's the natural order and was forecast by Mohammad. After all, for every kid you (Catholics/atheist Italians) make, we (the Muslims) make 3, 4 or 5."

And that's only one. They say it with a satisfied grin on their face, with the self-confident arrogance of those who know nothing can happen to them for the things they say!

[At this point, I told Rick I had just seen the video What Islam is Not, and that one of the ways to wage jihad is to have lots of children.] Then Rick wrote:

I am based very near to Africa in Italy, so we have a lot of "imported" Muslim Africans. There is not even need to watch all those movies (which I have widely seen on other occasions). I simply need to stop one on the street and ask him. He'll tell you what his opinion is, with such a self-confidence you can't even imagine.

Only two things I don't share with your analysis, as I've read around the posts on your blog, and they are:

1) Freedom as a unifying factor. Religion is more powerful than the concept of freedom for many reasons. Religion still is a strong unifying value. And democracy is undergoing a crisis due to corruption, etc. And Muslims are very much aware of this.

2) The fact that you can stop them with "civil" actions.

My personal opinion is that we'll end at war with them, sooner or later. I don't know why our governments are doing what they are doing, but sooner or later someone will begin to act within the government influence or out of it. In Europe there is a growing Islamophobic tendency. It's hidden because they blame you immediately for racism (especially in Northern Europe — in the UK, Netherlands, and Scandinavian countries in particular), but people are really fed up. Fed up of Muslims, fed up of our governments allowing them for oil, and trade, and careers, and personal interests, etc. There is also a rebirth of extreme right movements, inspired by Nazism but with a strong Islamophobic nuance (and of course against Jews too but Muslims are item number one on the agenda).

In my opinion, immigration should be left aside of trade agreements, while at the moment it is a primary item in the agenda and that's not good. You can't mix wolves, lions and sheep together.

My idea is we'll end up at war with those. We have known Muslims for centuries here, and they don't give up until you leave them one chance to do something. Letting them in a country to do what they do can only be because of two factors.

1) Ignorance and/or...

2) Personal interests (Bribing, corruption, career issues, etc.)

People like me will never even wonder what they do in places like Guantanamo or when the U.S. exerts forced "pickups" of Muslim leaders in our countries. People like me wonder WHY GOVERNMENTS KEEP LETTING THEM IN.

For example, Italy it's a Catholic country. ONE WIFE/ONE HUBBY. Muslims are polygamous and polygamy is expressly forbidden. But they keep bringing in their 3 or 4 wives here and all those kids, and then live on the dole with houses, minimum wages, etc. provided by the government.

You ask a police officer, "Why don't you punish him for his 4 wives?" The answer is: "Well if I put him in jail they will claim we're intolerant and will begin to make public manifestations on streets. Plus, communist/left organizations will begin to protect them and we will have to release them."

That's the situation here! We had Imams clearly stating they are here to Islamize Italy. They claimed that on TV, in front of a million people and they are still there.

Hence, I don't think our governments know what they are doing.

[That's what Rick of Italy had to say. I agree with him about governments. Most of the people in politics don't know even the most basic Islamic principles, and even if they did, they probably wouldn't know what to do about it. It's up to ordinary citizens to do something about it, to spread the word, to help educate our fellow citizens, to figure out solutions, and to put pressure on the politicians to do what needs to be done. It's up to us. Like Rick, I don't think our governments know what they are doing.]


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