CAIR's Obsession With "Obsession"

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I was going to post this Monday, but since AOW has already discussing it, I'll post it now. Being the sneaky bastard that I am, I subscribed to the newsletters of all the pro-Muslim groups in America I could find. It has been an incredibly rich source of inspiration and insight. I've decided to become a Muslim. Just kidding.

It's fascinating to see how they spin the news, what they strongly dislike, and how they promote their cause.

CAIR has taken exception to the massive promotion of the movie, Obsession. Of course. In one of their op-ed columns, Ahmed Rehab (I'm not making this up) tries to make a good case against the movie, but fails miserably. He wrote, "First, it exploits Americans’ unfamiliarity with Islam and Muslims to suggest that deviant groups are somehow representative of most, if not all, Muslims."

And it went downhill from there. The movie doesn't, in fact, suggest that deviant groups are representative of most Muslims. It goes out of its way to suggest otherwise. In one of my few criticisms of the film, I think it goes TOO far out of its way to suggest otherwise. It does, however point out that "deviant" Muslims are following mainstream Islamic theology, which is an entirely different point leading to entirely different conclusions.

Also I thought it was interesting that Mr. Rehab would recognize Americans' unfamiliarity with Islam. It is this unfamiliarity that has made America so vulnerable to the relentless Islamic political encroachment CAIR strives to accelerate.

Rehab also wrote, "while the Muslim world has its share of fanatics, they comprise a tiny fraction of the population and are highly at odds with a mainstream society that aspires to peace and prosperity."

Now of course he might have meant the mainstream non-Muslim society. But even if he was referring to mainstream Muslims, he can say that in all sincerity. He and his audience know that the peace and prosperity they seek can best be achieved by a constant, unrelenting invasion and undermining of the U.S. government (and every other government). When all the world's governments are Islamic, they will have the true peace they aspire to. And when all those Christians and Jews and Hindus and Buddhists who do not want to give up their religion pay their jizya, they will have the prosperity they aspire to as well.

Some of Rehab's readers may know very little of this. If not, it is their own fault they live in ignorance of a faith they profess. They should either learn what they're professing or get the fuck out. But you can bet Rehab knows all about it. His bullshit is unadulterated taqiyya.


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