Sharia Attack on Our Human Rights and Democratic Ideals

Thursday, July 15, 2010

IN AN INTERVIEW with Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Battle_of_Tours made a comment worth reading. Here it is:

Mrs. Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff is a fighter for our secular human rights and freedoms, and a feminist fighting for women's equality. She said in her own words: "We are people defending the principles of freedom and equality in a secular society. I criticize political Islam and its political manifestations. No democratic country can take this right away from anyone."

And that is what this fight is about, not against Islam per se, which is an internal problem of the Muslim world, but of our modern societies taking "steps backwards, especially in the realm of human rights and democracy" that we must be painfully vigilant against. Islamic Jihad is just the most visible manifestation of the Sharia attack on our human rights and democratic ideals.

The violence manifest, Jihad therefore must be our first target of attack, then followed with exposing the subterfuge and atmospherics of Sharia-law politics. However, those who push for Sharia's political Islam, the "stealth jihad", must be held to account as violators of our human rights. If the battle goes that way, there will be less tinder for the Left to alight on with their self-destructive rhetoric polemics and character attacks, such as witnessed above (in the interview).

Decent people of Muslim ethnicity will support this battle, even if only with tacit silence. And that is how this war on Jihad will be won, in their hearts and minds, when they too are liberated. Freedom is a universal good, even for Muslims who were born into the 7th/21st century.


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