"No to Sharia" is Better than "No to Islam"

Friday, July 30, 2010

IN AN ARTICLE on Jihad Watch entitled, Does the SIOA name disparage Muslims?, a commentor going by the name of NoToSharia made this astute observation:

I have long been of the opinion that in Western societies, it is much better to say "STOP SHARIAH" rather than "Stop Islam". To stop Shariah IS to stop Islamisation (as the lawyer letter in effect says) but it is a slogan around which a lot more people can unite: liberals, libertarians, democrats of all kinds, drinkers, gamblers, artists, Jews, Christians, Hindus, gays, feminists and even a lot of Muslims who, while "culturally" Islamic in a general way, never want to see true Shariah law introduced.

Personally I wouldn't look to call the orgnaisation "Stop the Islamisation..." because it then brings up all these issues of religious rights, discrimination, ethnic identity and confuses liberals and democrats. But no one can argue that it is legitimate to oppose the introduction of an alien anti-constitutional legal system should not be introduced into a Western democracy.

Further down the comments, someone named Demsci wrote:

I agree, good post! In a way, thanks to Robert Spencer and people like him, we now know much so much about Islam, even more than the average Muslim! And we know that the very laws of Islam in part contradict the laws of Democratic countries. We might even say: "It's about the laws, stupid". I think we should juxtapose the laws and interests of dedicated Muslims and Democratic citizens.

Your proposal turned around in a positive way: Let us choose Democratic laws, rules, values over Islamic ones when the 2 contradict. And let us choose to further the interests of Democratic nations & organisations over those of Islamic nations & organisations when the 2 compete. Let us choose to protect the rights of religious minorities equally all around the world instead of allowing the rights of religious minorities to be so differently in law and practice in Democratic and Islamic nations.

Let us put this choice to the Islamic inhabitants of the Democratic world. After a positive response let us still monitor and evaluate them. After a negative response let us regard them as inhabitants but not as loyal and united citizens. And let us stop more of them coming in.

You are right, being against all Islam and all Muslims does not unite Democratic citizens much, but being against Islamic laws that contradict and overrule Democratic ones, and against Islamic interests that contradict and overrule the ones of Democratic nations might make many more Democratic citizens unite in defense of their very laws and interests.

Oh, if only the real loyalty and unity of Muslims were asked, checked and charted!


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