Did Europe Hang Itself With its Own Tolerance and Goodwill?

Monday, July 5, 2010

I REALLY ENJOY Daniel Greenfield's writings. In the following passage, he evokes an epic image of today's Europe, as if describing the present as a historian might describe it some day:

"And so today Europe is in twilight, its sun has set and the shadows have grown. Huddled shapes are massing, gathering their forces and preparing for Europe's long night — a night it may never wake from. Burning cars and burqas, mosques and medieval mores being enforced again in Republics that had prided themselves on their showy modernism. The vandals of London and Paris, Brussels and Rome, know exactly what they're fighting for: A new golden age of Islam, built on the looted technology and wealth of Europe, just as the old one had been built on stolen Roman and Greek texts that had somehow escaped burning by the Islamic hordes."

This is from an article entitled, Europe in Twilight.

I personally do not feel that Europe is lost. This may be a dark hour, but more people are finding out about the sinister purposes and underhanded methods of Islamic supremacists, and the army of freedom is growing.


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