The Five-Phase Muslim Brotherhood Plan to Dominate America

Monday, August 23, 2010

From an article entitled, Islamist Infiltration:

Sperry and Gaubatz’s book, Muslim Mafia, exposes the Muslim Brotherhood’s activities in America using declassified FBI documents, FBI agent interviews, transcripts of telephone wire taps and thousands of internal documents smuggled out of CAIR headquarters by Gaubatz’s son, Chris Gaubatz, who posed as an American convert to Islam and was hired by CAIR. And for the first time, they expose the Brotherhood’s five-phase plan for dominating America:

• Phase I: Establish an elite Muslim Leadership and raise Islamicist consciousness in the community;

• Phase II: Create Islamic institutions that the leadership can control and form autonomous Muslim enclaves;

• Phase III: Infiltrate America’s political and social institutions forming a shadow state; escalate conversions; manipulate mass media to remove language offensive to Islam;

• Phase IV: Open hostile public confrontation over U.S. policies, riot, make militant demands for special rights and accommodations;

• Phase V: Wage final conflict and overthrow (jihad).

According to Sperry and Gaubatz, the consensus among counterterrorism officials is that the North American Brotherhood is already in Phase III.


Anonymous August 2, 2014 at 12:39 PM  

Then is it up to All U.S. Born American Citizens, Patriots, VETS to PREVENT this from Going Any Further to the Next Phase and By Force Roll it back to Before Phase 1... There is NO Other Choice for a Free and Independent Democracy but to ACT the way we did to Establish American 1776 !!! Need a General Call to ARMS of All Means to Defeat the Encroaching Enemy.

Anonymous September 19, 2015 at 10:13 AM  

The muslim brotherhood are nothing to worry about.
They are not regarded as muslims by either shia or sunni varieties and will all be eradicated by the arabs. Or possibly their somali foot soldiers already well established across most of middle america.

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