Every Concession is a Mistake

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

IN AN ARTICLE entitled Fighting Islam's Fierce Moro Warriors - America s first war with suicidal Islamic warriors, the author recounts the difficulty the United States military had with the Moro warriors in the Philippines.

Captain John Pershing did pretty well fighting the Islamic warriors. Now I quote from the article:

Pershing’s successor was Maj. Gen. Leonard Wood, a Harvard graduate and a surgeon who had distinguished himself as one of Roosevelt’s famed Rough Riders during the Spanish-American War, and had afterward served as governor general of Cuba. In August 1903, as the commanding officer of the Philippines’ Mindanao Department, Wood at once proved himself to be as aggressive as Pershing. Wood thought the Moros were an excessively brave but depraved race of pirates, bandits and outlaws. They were “stupid fighters, utterly unable to stand up in the open....Their strong point was attempted ambush…though brave, they die foolishly....They should attack at night en masse where their dexterity with swords and spears would count most.” The only way to handle Moros was to be just and firm: “Every concession to them is a mistake.”

As I have written before: We must make it a firm policy to make no more concessions to Islam. Every concession to them is a mistake. Why? Islam is a ratchet. It only goes one way.


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