What Does Geert Wilders Think Should Be Done?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

IN AN ARTICLE on the Canada Free Press, Publius Huldah wrote:

Dutch Member of Parliament Geert Wilders lists ten steps Western countries must take to stop the Islamization of their countries. All ten steps are mandated by our Declaration of Independence, and are consistent with our Constitution:

(1) Stop cultural relativism: We must formalize the idea that we have one dominant culture that is based on Judaism & Christianity (Wilders adds “humanism”).

(2) Stop pretending that Islam is a religion.

(3) Show the true face of fundamentalist Islam. It is a brutal totalitarian ideology.

(4) Stop all immigration from Muslim countries. For Muslims who are already citizens, tell them that if they adhere to our values and our Constitution, they may stay as equals. But if they deviate, we will expel them.

(5) Outlaw Sharia and deport practitioners.

(6) Require Muslims to sign a legally-binding pledge of integration and allegiance.

(7) Stop building mosques.

(8) Seek reciprocity with Saudi Arabia for Western churches & synagogues.

(9) Close all Islamic schools — they are fascist institutions teaching hate.

(10) Remove our current weak leaders.


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