Radical Muslims’ goal is total domination

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Posted on Wed, Dec. 03, 2008 by Cal Thomas

THOMAS: Radical Muslims’ goal is total domination

You’ve got to be taught to hate and fear

You’ve got to be taught from year to year

It’s got to be drummed in your dear little ear

You’ve got to be carefully taught.

— South Pacific, music and lyrics by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein

DUBLIN, Ireland — Looking at the faces of two young men who were among the purveyors of death at the Taj Mahal and Oberoi hotels, Chhattrapati Shivaji Terminus station and Leopold’s restaurant in Bombay, India, makes Westerners recoil, and not just in horror. We also question how anyone could be so insensitive to the value of human life. See lyric above.

The killers — these and others over many years — use Islam as the foundation for their indoctrination, coupling it with the belief that Western society is unwilling to do what is necessary to defend itself. They have literally bet their lives that the West will meet their force with something less commanding. And that is why they have infiltrated — and are infiltrating — Britain, much of the rest of Western Europe, America (and India) through immigration and high birth rates.

President-elect Barack Obama, who once pledged to "sit down" with America’s enemies, may have second thoughts after watching the carnage.

A caller to one media outlet, a man representing himself as one of the terrorists, said Indian occupation of "Muslim land" was the reason for the attack. How do you negotiate with that? Do we give them all of Earth, move to the moon and start over, controlling who gets to follow? Radical Muslim doctrine considers all land potential, or actual, "Muslim land."

The British media are full of stories claiming that some of the Bombay killers were taught in Islamic schools in Britain and radicalized by fanatical imams before heading to Pakistan for weapons training.

This is nothing new. The terrorists who bombed three London subway trains and a bus in 2005 were found to be part of this web of hate involving Islamic schools, radical mosques, fanatical imams and operational trainers in Pakistan.

Then-Prime Minister Tony Blair attempted to shut down the most offensive mosques and deport the imams of hate. His efforts produced mixed results, thanks to opposition from British civil liberties groups that are more concerned with protecting terrorists than their targets. Some imams were deported, but many others remain, and new terrorists are being incubated in Britain and other European nations.

The Daily Mail online reported Sunday that a banned Islamic terrorist group helped underwrite the Bombay attacks with cash raised in British mosques.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Britain’s security service, MI5, "has identified approximately 2,000 individuals who pose a direct threat to national security and public safety and believes the number of potential terrorists living in this country [Britain] could run to 4,000."

In the Telegraph, columnist Philip Johnston wrote, "It is difficult to prevent someone traveling to Pakistan ostensibly to visit their grandmother or uncle. An estimated 400,000 trips a year are made by Britons of Pakistani origin to their ancestral homeland."

What is needed in Britain — and the United States — is a change in the thinking that naively believes that simply exposing foreign nationals to our way of life means they will "catch" it as they might the flu. Allowing immigrants from nations in which the dominant religion mandates the forced subordination of every other faith (or no faith) and their subjugation through state power under Sharia law, increases the likelihood of more attacks.

At the very least, all non-Western immigrants to Britain and the U.S. should be told before their arrival that our intention is to westernize them.

They must learn English and study and embrace the history of their host nation. If they are Muslim, they will be allowed to worship only in existing mosques. No new ones should be built. Existing mosques must be monitored to make sure that hate is not taught and aggressive behavior toward their host countries is not promoted. If such behavior or speech is detected, the mosques should be closed and the imams arrested or deported.

Diplomacy should precede or follow war.

Once war begins, victory is the only acceptable outcome. The goal of the terrorists is victory. If Britain and America settle for less, they will get less, which is defeat.

Cal Thomas writes for Tribune Media Services. tmseditors@tribune.com


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