Islam is a Ratchet

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

THE FOLLOWING is an excerpt from an article entitled, They Are Killing Christians. Who Cares? by Bill Warner:

In Iraq, Muslims are threatening and killing Christians. The Rev. Bolis Jacob, of Mosul's Mar Afram Church, said he couldn't understand the attacks.

This Christian lives in Iraq, a Christian nation 1400 years ago, one of the oldest Christian communities in the world. Today Iraq is about 2% Christian. Even a modern political or religious leader can tell a drop from 100% to 2%. The drop is called annihilation. How far will it go? Let’s look at another annihilation in Iraq.

The oldest Jewish community in the world is in Iraq. The Jews of Iraq go back to the Babylonian captivity. Today there are fewer than 20 Jews in Iraq. They are old and have no children. In about 10 years there will be no Jews in Iraq.

Political Islam is a ratchet; its power increases and never falls back. Translation: there will never be an increase in the numbers of Jews or Christians in Iraq. Their numbers will only get smaller until total annihilation.

When I read that a reverend lives in Iraq and doesn't understand why the Muslims are killing Christians, I spewed milk through my nose. You've got to be kidding me! How can you live in a Muslim-dominated nation and know so little about the most basic Islamic principles? After hundreds of years of dhimmi status, perhaps the only Christians left who haven't fled the country or been killed are the very dhimmwitted.

I liked the last line of Warner's article:

It is not that Islam is so strong; it is that kafirs are ignorant, fearful and weak. Islam has a plan — make kafirs submit. Dhimmis have a plan — be nice.


Anonymous March 6, 2011 at 6:09 PM  

Islam is successful just because of foolishness (that you call ignorance) of non-muslims. Today, about 99% non-muslim educated class do this foolishness. Only few percentage of these non-muslims are really ignorant, a big percentage of these non-muslims intentionally want to remain ignorant--they would hardly bother even if they know the misdeeds/hypocrisy/double-standard/biased-violent-and-illogical behavior of muslims. They would seek just temporary solution if the muslim-misdeed has caused them to a serious blow.

History tells that right since the eights century, whenever the non-muslims have retaliated with wisdom and planning, muslims have been defeated badly, be it India, Europe, or anywhere else. So, muslims are not very strong as they appear to be, rather they get 99% of there strength from the foolishness of non-muslims. Any concession, kindness, sympathy, reservation, fraternity or respect to muslims (as long as they follow kuran/hadith/sharia/muhammad) is nothing but self suicidal foolishness of non-muslims.

If non-muslims stop giving respect, sympathy and rights to muslims and stand firm against kuran/sharia/hadith, then islam will collapse in few years for ever, as muslims don't have their own strength, modern science, technology, administrative and management skills in sufficient magnitude that are required to survive in today's world. They just borrow or snatch everything they need from the non-muslims who happily (foolishly) give them as per their self-suicidal attitude.

Citizen Warrior March 6, 2011 at 7:34 PM  

Well said.

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